Press Release

AddOn Networks, the largest independent global supplier of compatible transceivers and optical connectivity solutions, has been recognised in the Top 10 Tech Solution Providers for Data Centers 2019 by CIO Applications Magazine.

The accolade recognises AddOn Networks innovative data center technologies which enables data centers to support rising application demands. “We are delighted to be named among the Top 10 Tech Solutions Providers for Data Centers alongside key industry leaders in data center technologies.” said Matt McCormick, CEO of AddOn Networks. “This award recognises our commitment to providing low-cost, high-performing optical connectivity products which address emerging market needs.”

The Top 10 list is selected by a panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts, along with CIP applications’ editorial board. The selected winners in the top 10 were chosen for their technologies which enable data centers to progress performance capabilities to match rising demand.

McCormick added, “As the data center market is becoming increasingly saturated with the increase in application demands, there is more pressure on data centers to adapt and evolve with the latest technologies. Our optical connectivity solutions enable data centers to deliver high-performance connectivity at a cost-effective price that meets OEM standards and features.”

AddOn Networks has been innovating optical connectivity solutions for nearly 20 years and is now the world’s largest independent supplier of optical transceivers. Its cost-effective optical solutions and transceivers are leading the market by enabling data centers to take full advantage of leading-edge optical solutions.

McCormick added, “In the future, we expect data centers to gear up to move towards 400G to manage evolving demands with faster speeds and higher bandwidth. We are looking forward to providing the data center market with new technologies as the landscape evolves and market needs increase.”