Press Release

Our friends at the Institute of Telecommunications Professionals have give Total Telecom 10 tickets for their forthcoming AI seminar. If you are interested in requesting one, email Membership Development Manager, Sue Langridge

ABOUT THE EVENT: Artificial Intelligence is beginning to surround us. Brother, in association with The Telegraph, published a report that highlighted around 45% of UK IT decision makers believe that AI will be responsible for the biggest innovations in business over the next few years.

Companies are turning towards AI and machine learning because of the applications it enables; over time, AI enabled security tools can recognise the patterns of even encrypted traffic that can detect fraud. As a result, around a third of businesses now use network-based learning tools at the centre of their security protocols. However, in contrast a Gallup poll released in 2018 reported that over 50% of Americans believe that AI, robotics, and automation are bigger threats to their livelihoods than immigration or outsourcing.

In the world of social media and video streaming, Susan Wojcicki the CEO of YouTube recently commented on what she believes is needed to avoid conflict between freedom of speech and censorship; she said a “thoughtful tightening of restrictions…backed by the power of Artificial intelligence”, is the way forward to identify extremist traffic, which takes AI development directly into the free speech debate.

There are companies that have already harnessed the power of AI and analytics, but there is still debate around how they could be used.

This ITP conference will explore some of the issues associated with AI, and whether this technology will further disrupt an industry already in the middle of a transformation, or provide a platform for innovation, that will drive applications to make us safer and more secure.

Speakers confirmed so far:-

Paul Adams. Marketing Director, UK&I, Nokia.
Richard Liu, Systems Engineer, Cisco.
Detlef Nauck, Head of AI & Data Science Research, BT.