Press Release

SSE Enterprise Telecoms – the UK’s leading provider of network infrastructure services, and part of the SSE Group – has today announced it has been selected by specialist connectivity provider Ai Networks as the firm’s Ethernet partner of choice. Ai Networks delivers fibre broadband, leased line, MPLS, VoIP and colocation services to its customers across the UK and beyond. With increasing demand from both new and existing customers, Ai Networks needed a trusted network partner that could supply high-capacity Ethernet connections between its various data centres and customer sites.

SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ ongoing Project Edge network expansion made it a suitable and cost-effective partner for Ai Networks. Project Edge was initially launched in order to make SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ network more accessible for organisations like Ai Networks that operate nationwide. The Edge Plus phase ensured SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ high-performance Ethernet services were available anywhere in the UK by interconnecting with other leading network providers. This was closely followed by the launch of Edge 2, which provided a further 50,000 prime business postcodes with easy access to the network.

While many wholesale providers rely heavily on legacy systems and infrastructure, Ai Networks found the service offered by SSE Enterprise Telecoms to be highly flexible and user-friendly. The company took full advantage of the online quoting and ordering engine, LIVEQUOTE, which compares Ethernet quotes from major UK carriers as well as SSE Enterprise Telecoms. This tool enabled Ai Networks to pass on the best possible prices to its own customers, therefore gaining a competitive edge.

“SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ service has been highly responsive, making the initial order right through to delivery and implementation a smooth process,” said Mark Boost, managing director of Ai Networks. “We’ve also been impressed with its modern network infrastructure and LIVEQUOTE tool. Ai champions innovation, and with the use of legacy systems endemic in the telecoms industry, it’s encouraging to see SSE Enterprise Telecoms joining us in finding innovative ways to improve the user experience.”

“We’re pleased to see that Ai Networks is so happy with the level of service it has received, from the initial order placement stage – which was conducted online via our LIVEQUOTE portal – through to delivery and implementation of multiple Ethernet connections,” said Colin Sempill, Managing Director of SSE Enterprise Telecoms. “As we continue to expand our network footprint, we look forward to helping Ai Networks broaden its own reach as customer demand increases.”