Press Release

AlgoSec, the business-driven security policy management vendor and Splunk have announced that AlgoSec has joined the Splunk Adaptive Response Initiative. Powered by a growing list of leading cybersecurity technology vendors, Adaptive Response is a best-of-breed security initiative that leverages end-to-end context and continuous response to improve security operations with an adaptive security architecture.

The Adaptive Response Initiative now includes over 20 participating vendors as members. With this extensive network, organizations can use Splunk Adaptive Response to further interact with data, extract and share new insights, gain more context and invoke actions across key security and IT domains. Ultimately, this allows customers to detect threats faster, make analytics-driven decisions and improve operational efficiencies within their Security Operations Center (SOC).

“AlgoSec’s approach to security policy management directly aligns with the Splunk Adaptive Response Initiative. When facing a relentless barrage of cyber-attacks, the SOC team needs a way to easily sift through and identify the attacks that will most likely impact key business processes and quickly take action — before they impact your business and its reputation,” said Bruno Weinberger, VP Strategic Alliances at AlgoSec.

“By combining Splunk’s centrally positioned analytics-driven security platform along with the AlgoSec automated security policy management solution we can help security professionals around the world gather more context to detect threats quicker, and deliver a more automated and continuous response against advanced attackers.”

While many organizations employ a layered, multi-vendor approach to security, most individual solutions are not designed to work together outside of the box. Splunk Enterprise Security (Splunk ES), working in conjunction with technologies like AlgoSec, extends analytics-driven decision-making and improves detection, investigation and remediation times by centrally automating retrieval, sharing and response.

“We created the Adaptive Response Initiative so organizations could efficiently combat advanced attacks while utilizing their existing security architectures. Members like AlgoSec are key to the success of Adaptive Response,” said Haiyan Song, senior vice president of security markets, Splunk. “Together we will solve this very challenging problem facing every enterprise.”