Press Release

AlgoSec has released the version 6.11 of its Security Management Solution. In this new version AlgoSec solution directly associates network security with critical business applications and processes to provide risk-based, business-context aware visibility and intelligence. This enables enterprises to strategically prioritize and focus security management actions on critical processes that drive the business.

Key features of the AlgoSec Security Management Solution 6.11 include the ability to:

• Prioritize Critical Business Processes: Through a new, customized dashboard, AlgoSec 6.11 uniquely identifies and continuously monitors critical business processes to detect any network connectivity problems, risks or compliance violations. If any security issues are flagged, remediation is prioritized so that problems can be addressed immediately.

• Automatically Map Firewall Rules to their Business Applications: AlgoSec 6.11 now automatically maps firewall devices and rules to their business applications, enabling users to see which business applications rely on each firewall rule. Through this capability users can better assess network traffic simulations based on business needs as well as clean-up and recertify rules, and make informed decisions as to the risk of decommissioning unnecessary rules. If applicable, firewall rules can then be decommissioned automatically through AlgoSec’s zero-touch security policy change management process.

• Directly Tie Vulnerabilities to Business Applications: This new version of AlgoSec integrates with Tenable SecurityCenter and Tenable Nessus Manager vulnerability scanners. Through this integration, AlgoSec provides a security risk rating for each application, which is automatically updated whenever the vulnerability status changes. Now users can immediately visualize the risk to critical business applications and then prioritize and schedule remediation efforts based on business considerations.

• FIPS 140-2 Compliant: The AlgoSec appliance uses Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140 certified cryptographic modules to support FIPS 140-2 compliant devices and enable seamless deployment in FIPS 140-2 compliant organizations.

“Today’s enterprises are in a continuous state of flux as they try to support a multitude of new applications, business transformation initiatives such as cloud and SDN, as well as fend off ever more sophisticated cyber-attacks on a daily basis. Therefore, it’s not surprising that security and network staff are struggling to keep up – which not only impacts business agility, but exposes the enterprise to risk and hampers its ability to address the modern threat landscape,” commented Edy Almer, VP Products at AlgoSec. “Version 6.11 of the AlgoSec Security Management Solution helps organizations overcome these challenges and reinforces the Company’s commitment to enable business-driven security management. It provides the security and network operations teams with the risk and business-context they need to prioritize and automate security management based on the processes that directly drive business productivity.”

The AlgoSec Security Management Solution version 6.11 is generally available.