Press Release

Altán, the first fully wholesaler Mobile Operator in the world, serving the Mexican market, and Sayco, one of the Mexico-based MVNOs on the Altán platform, have successfully completed the Go-live of their new digital business proposition that offers mobile services for Mexican consumers.

This Go-live is a significant achievement for the rapid launch of a new MVNX, and the improvement of Business Support Systems (BSS) of actual operators working in Altán network. In collaboration with Qvantel, which has over two decades of experience leading successful cloud-based digital BSS transformations for CSPs globally, the multi-tenant BSS platform for MVNXs was deployed and integrated with Altán in only three months and is now available for all Altán customers.

This new type of delivery model promises to enable a BSS platform for MVNXs in less than 4 weeks. It was designed and optimized for a fully remote, cloud-based delivery that empowers the telecom industry to accelerate digital transformations during the challenging business environment of recent years that has become even more challenging because of the Covid-19 pandemic. These special global conditions have created new demands for digital, self-service-driven solutions that include requirements for fast, remote rollouts with minimum physical presence needed during the solution deployment.
The Qvantel Digital BSS solution provides Altán and Sayco with a cloud-based foundation for the next generation of engaging customer experiences and efficient digital business. Qvantel’s platform provides cloud-native microservices architecture, open APIs, catalog-driven architecture, a back-end-driven mobile application, and the Qvantel Flex -technology for unprecedented flexibility for Telcos to implement changes quickly and easily to their business.

Gabriel Cejudo, Chief Commercial Officer at Altán, comments: “For Altán, a cloud-native digital solution is essential to provide an efficient and scalable platform for MVNO businesses in the local market. Qvantel’s open digital platform helps us to deliver great customer experiences, monetize digital services and enables efficient cloud-based operation. It provides Altán with a way to onboard a new breed of MVNOs in the Mexican market. We are proud of our joint achievement and lightning-fast Go-Live in these unprecedented times, paired with Altán-The Shared Network objective to offer connectivity to Mexican population.”

Jean-Marc Lazzari, Qvantel CEO, said: “We are extremely happy to be able to support Altan and Sayco in their business launch, as well as to demonstrate to the industry how digitalization can be accelerated rather than paused when facing new types of challenges. We are also proud to bring our Qvantel Flex Framework to the market, providing a new level of efficiency and autonomy for our customers that saves costs and improves Time-to-Market when quick changes are needed for rapidly evolving business needs.”

Jorge León, CEO of Sayco says: “The fast time-to-market with a modern, digital solution was key for Sayco. With Altán and with Qvantel’s Digital BSS solution, Sayco was able to meet our goals for a speedy and successful launch. We are also excited to have a platform that is built to provide efficiency, flexibility and expandability for the future business needs as well”.
Qvantel Digital BSS is cloud-native by design and will maximize the efficiency and scalability of the cloud infrastructure. The Qvantel solution utilizes the Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support complete software lifecycle from development to production environment, including automated CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery) pipeline built on AWS.