Amazon is just one of a string of parties who are interested in acquiring Boost

US web giant, Amazon, is reportedly preparing a bid for T-Mobile’s pay-as-you-go subsidiary, Boost. T-Mobile is keen to shed Boost, as it looks to allay concerns that its proposed merger with Sprint would reduce competition in the pay-as-you-go sector. By selling off Boost, the US would retain a 4th, at-scale, carrier.

Sources familiar with the matter told journalists at Reuters that Amazon would be keen to acquire Boost as well as any additional spectrum that could be divested.

Amazon has long been rumoured to be interested in expanding into the mobile telecoms sector, with reports in the UK suggesting that the US giant was considering launching MVNO services in Britain.

A recent report suggested that Amazon would capture a huge portion of the pay-as-you-go market, if it was to launch MVNO services, coupled with its Amazon Prime services.   

"Amazon could well become an even bigger giant should it enter the mobile sector offering Amazon Prime as a free perk. In a fiercely competitive market, it also has potential as a standalone network operator," said Henry Stott, director of Decision Technology, who published the report.

Recent reports in the press suggested that T-Mobile had lined up a string of suitors who were prepared to pay up to $3 billion for the pay-as-you-go sub. 

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