Press Release

Amdocs, a leading provider of software and services to communications and media companies, today announced that its Policy and Charging Control offering can now be delivered in the cloud, managed as a service, as well as on-premise. Amdocs Charging software serves more than 1 billion subscribers and its Policy software serves more than 500 million subscribers at leading service providers across the globe, including a number of deployments in various public clouds. This new evolution facilitates service providers in embracing and establishing commercial value on the multiple new technical currencies that are emerging within 5G networks.

Deploying Amdocs Policy and/or Charging Control “as-a-Service” can further accelerate service providers’ ability to focus on positioning themselves beyond their traditional core connectivity business, supporting the development of an ecosystem of new capabilities and rapidly linking service needs to business outcomes. This simpler technology consumption model also permits service providers to easily and cost-effectively place advanced 5G PCC functionality in parallel to any legacy systems in operation.

The microservices-based, cloud-native solution permits updates on a continuous and granular level and – when delivered as a service – operations and updates are seamlessly coordinated and managed by Amdocs on behalf of the service provider. This updatability reduces risk of downtime and uncoordinated upgrades and brings the benefit of constantly updated core network software. Amdocs Policy and Charging Control also provides the optimum mix of elastic scalability, both in terms of very small to extremely large, and evolves from a highly centralized software stack that is expected to provide all things for all services to massively distributed and highly flexible edge cloud and mobile edge compute.

“Communications service providers and vendors have been slow in adopting SaaS models for monetization platforms due to uncertainty and risk. They should focus on the benefits of SaaS to drive its adoption in the monetization platforms sector,” said John Abraham, principal analyst, research, at Analysys Mason.

Service providers are working to accelerate the growth of their B2B and B2B2x businesses with new offerings and business models that go beyond traditional connectivity,” said Anthony Goonetilleke, group president, Media, Network and Technology, Amdocs. “With advanced charging and policy capabilities that are consumable on-demand through Amdocs’ as-a-Service solution, service providers now have the tools to rapidly launch and deliver a wide range of new services with unprecedented scale, including monetizing their cloud and edge assets with highly flexible and tailored usage-based approaches targeted towards large enterprises, small- and medium-size business, and a vast partner ecosystem.”