Press Release

DNA is a Finnish telecommunications company that offers the full range of telecommunications services and devices to both consumers and business customers. As Finland’s third largest telco, the company places customer satisfaction at the heart of its products and online services.

Customer experience has emerged as a defining characteristic of business, especially online. In Europe’s competitive telco market, it has become a key differentiator among companies that often share similar offerings. A homepage with generic, unchanging content is unlikely to engage digital shoppers, whereas a site with dynamic media personalised to the customer has the power to convert a click into a sale.

Through its online platforms – a website, self-service portals and web shop – DNA strives to be a leader in customer experience. However, to stand out from the crowd and achieve its full potential, it required a more agile, reactive and dynamic approach to its online content.

Survival of the fastest
DNA needed an easy and cost-effective way to refresh its online content and ensure it was optimized for today’s mobile consumers. Increasing numbers of customers were visiting DNA through their smartphones and tablets. Due to the old content creation process and platform being optimized for desktop-users, not all of its content was loading optimally, potentially leading to a compromised customer experience.

DNA’s content management systems and processes were also slow and unoptimized. Content assets, such as product images and videos, were stored, managed and deployed across three separate platforms. This could lead to an inconsistent customer experience, where the content you saw and how it was displayed could, for example, differ between the DNA website and webshop.

It also meant more work for the company’s already stretched content production team. New content had to be manually created for each platform and screen size separately, which increased the risk of human error and the chance of poorly optimized content. Roadblocks in DNA’s content production process meant it could not create content quickly enough to capitalise on new, unexpected trends in the market.

Reach for the cloud
DNA found what it was looking for with Amplience solutions. Following a partner referral, DNA chose Amplience for its ease-of-use and unique offering.

“In order for us to refresh and optimize our content, most solutions required us to build a separate media server to store all our digital assets,” explained Michael Forsström, DNA’s head of unit, online systems and solutions. “Amplience was unique in its content management approach through its cloud platform, and gave us exactly what we were looking for. Content is created, stored and delivered on the same platform through one continuous process. It gives us much greater scope to respond to events with fresh, engaging content.”

DNA became an Amplience customer in 2015 and, after an intensive re-platforming process, has put the platform to use in gradual phases. By August 2018 virtually all of DNA’s media resources had been moved to the new system. Amplience’s cloud-based platform provides one easy place for DNA’s content production team to create new content and access all existing material. From here, they can quickly adapt content to create new assets, such as a special promotion, and upload it to the website to take advantage of the latest opportunities. In today’s always-changing marketplace, this functionality is crucial for responding to the latest trends with fresh, engaging content.

Amplience Dynamic Media also optimizes content delivery across every channel. The solution automates image, video and analytics workflows to make it easier to create product and campaign pages that showcase the best aspects of DNA’s offerings. Content is automatically transcoded into the best file format and resolution for a customer’s device, delivering a high-quality experience anywhere and at any time.

Amplience also uses point-of-interest technology to ensure content scales correctly with the customer device for a consistent customer experience across all platforms. This ensures images are cropped correctly for different screen sizes, meaning the customer always sees the part of the image they should.

Going mobile
With help from Amplience, DNA has been able to enhance and refresh its online presence. It has launched its new website and, utilising Dynamic Media, is able to deliver a truly omnichannel experience for its customers. Using Amplience’s cloud-based storage platform, DNA has also evolved its approach to content management and production, achieving the agility it needs to be a competitive, relevant force in the telco market.

DNA Development manager, Sami Korhonen, has been working with Amplience from the start. He said “Thanks to Amplience, the work required to create and maintain our digital assets has been cut to less than half of what it was. At the same time, it allows us to offer our customers higher quality content. This is important as we have more than one million visits to our sites every month.”

DNA’s Michael Forsström said: “Digital transformation is a constant, ongoing process, so it made sense to go forward with a platform that helps us to get us ahead of the competition. We are very pleased with the performance of Amplience solutions and are beginning to see the fruits of our labours. Website traffic is strong and we have been able to concentrate on expanding the scope of our offerings. While no one in our industry can be sure what is coming next, Amplience makes sure we are ready for it.”

Following the successful implementation, DNA is looking to extend its use of Amplience solutions in a bid to achieve true personalization for its customers. “Like Amplience, DNA is always evolving, and we look forward to future collaborations,” Forsström said.