Press Release

Anam Technologies are delighted to announce the renewal of its A2P SMS business partnership with Telenor for a further 2 year period. Anam was selected by Telenor on the basis of competitive tender back in October 2015 to deliver a group-wide A2P SMS project to improve service quality and revenues. Working with Telenor’s Global Wholesale team and leveraging Anam’s patented SMS Firewall and traffic analysis technologies, the partnership has successfully devised and implemented A2P management strategies across Telenor networks in Pakistan, Thailand, Myanmar, Serbia and Montenegro. Over the next two years it is planned to implement the strategy across the wider Telenor Group and also extend the product as a joint partnership towards the external market outside Telenor Group.

Commenting on the partnership, Anam’s Director of Sales Clive Steady said: “Telenor and Anam have worked really hard over the past two years to build and deliver the Group’s A2P strategy. We are seeing real success now as a result of the consistent and focused effort. Telenor is a long standing and highly valued customer of Anam. They are innovative and market leading in so many respects and in this case driven by a strategic vision to create a high quality and monetized A2P environment for all of their mobile operator markets. We are proud to be working alongside as their partner on this journey”.

“As part of the overall Group Strategy, Telenor’s Global Wholesale unit aims to centralize Telenor’s wholesale messaging setup by managing, developing, implementing and maintaining a Telenor messaging gateway for international connectivity,” said Moosa Abid Babar, Head of Digital Solutions of Global Wholesale in Telenor. “In order to ensure that we are delivering a quality and secured network for our business units the Managed SMS Firewall partnership with Anam is vital in achieving this goal. Through our partnership with Anam we have unlocked substantial new revenue streams in our networks. By combining our gateway capabilities with Anam’s Managed SMS Firewall setup we now want to extend this approach across networks within Telenor and also externally to other MNOs.”