Press Release

RadiusPoint is proud to announce their participation in the Member-to-Member Discount Program with CEO Connection. This organization focuses on helping mid-market CEOs and their companies succeed. With more than 17,000 mid-market CEOs in their community, CEO Connection is the only membership organization in the world focused exclusively on mid-market CEOs and their companies. RadiusPoint now can offer great incentives to companies that are a member of the CEO Connection as well.

“We are very excited to offer our fellow members of CEOC our Member to Member discount! Leveraging their resources and an extensive network of professionals has opened many doors for RadiusPoint. We look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead,” says Sharon Watkin, CEO of RadiusPoint.

As a part of the Member to Member discount program of CEOC, RadiusPoint now provides personalized support and unique access to their staff, tools, and opportunities designed to enhance growth and solve any invoice processing issues. RadiusPoint values members pf CEOC’s loyalty. As a result, RadiusPoint’s proprietary software, ExpenseLogic ™, can now audit any telecom, utility, IT, invoices by line-item against contract rates, company usage policies, and much more at a discounted rate.
CEO Connection is a dynamic, rapidly growing network of top mid-market leaders who represent a wide variety of industries, geographic locations, and ownership structures.
Joining this exclusive group has given RadiusPoint© the opportunity to participate and compete with other leading corporations all while helping their customers save money.

To learn more about RadiusPoint discounts on products and services from CEO Connection members, visit
About CEO Connection
CEO Connection is about relationships and access. With more than 17,000 CEOs in our community, CEOC functions as a proactive peer network where the connections are made for you. We deliver customized and personalized value to you in order to maximize the return on your investment, while minimizing the amount of your time required. We level the playing field for mid-market CEOs and companies.