Swan and Benestra will now merge, combining their existing telecoms services for business and residential customers across Slovakia

Slovakia’s Anti-Monopoly Office has approved the merger of two of the country’s key telecoms operators, Swan and Benestra. 
Following seven months of deliberation, the Anti-Monopoly office approved the merger on the 3rd of April 2018. 
"Merging Swan and Benestra into one operator is a desired outcome of the liberalisation of the telecommunications market. Once the consolidation process is completed, it will become the fourth strongest operator in Slovakia, with the ambition of further growth, especially thanks to new and better quality services," said Juraj Ondriš, the chairman and co-owner of Swan.
Benestra is well established in Slovakia’s business to business telecommunications market, whilst Swan has a large portfolio of residential customers. Swan is also a provider of fibre optic broadband services in a number of cities across Slovakia. 
Following approval from the regulatory bodies, the company’s key shareholders, Danubiatel and Sandberg Capital, expect the deal to close within one month. 

The merger will not include Swan’s mobile business unit, Swan Mobile, which will continue to operate as an independent entity.