Press Release

Apalo today announced ApaloSIM, the first SIM-only solution for enabling enterprise businesses simple out-of-the-box mobile integration with their existing UC solutions, with no app required. Fully compatible with any IP PBX/SIP compliant platform, ApaloSIM allows the communication features currently available on the incumbent system to be accessed natively on mobile handsets.

“Our groundbreaking technology is for businesses looking to maximise the return on the investment made on their existing systems while also leveraging the productivity and agility benefits that only a mobile-first empowered workforce can offer,” said Philippe Matos, CEO, Apalo. “ApaloSIM provides the ideal solution by enabling any mobile handset to be treated like any other SIP device. This is the key to making mobile first UC much more widely accessible to business users.”

ApaloSIM improves users’ productivity and reachability regardless of their Geographic location. It enables users to receive inbound calls on their DDI and ring groups that they are members of; they can dial internal extensions, voicemail, transfer calls etc., just as if they were at their desks and without the need for any OTT applications. The CLI presented for outbound calls is controlled by customers’ SIP compliant platforms allowing, for example, the display of a company’s main number to maintain brand identity.

Inbound calls to the mobile number are delivered directly to the platform over a standard SIP trunk, allowing full control of the inbound leg for onward routing to the SIM or any other destination – taking advantage of any additional functionality the system offers.

Easy to set up and including standard mobile functionality, ApaloSIM also supports Mobile Number Porting for quick and easy transfer of existing mobile numbers. Available through Apalo’s Partner network, pricing is simple and straightforward with all SIMs priced on the data bundle.