At this years’ Gigabit Access conference in Brussels, Total Telecom TV took advantage of the opportunity to discover where the assembled experts felt that current levels of investment in gigabit networks could support future plans for 5G and IoT.

Views were mixed, with an overall ‘yes’, but the reasoning behind the responses tells the full story. Watch the video to hear from (in order of appearance)

  • Ana Pesovic – Nokia
  • Helge Tiainen – InCoax
  • Yves Bellego – Orange
  • Eoin Heaney – Calix
  • Oliver Johnson – PointTopic
  • Cornel Ciocirlan – ARRIS
  • Jaume Fornos – Cartesian

Gigabit Access 2019 will take place on the 2-3 April 2019 in Germany. For more information contact Matt Harris