Press Release

Aricent, a global design and engineering company, announces the introduction of its intelligent network operating system – Aricent ConvergedOS – for network equipment and technology system providers as a ready-to-deploy open hardware and Open Compute Project (OCP) compatible solution.

Aricent continues to strengthen its partnership with Inventec by providing immediate availability of the network operating system on the Inventec D7032Q28B 100GbE spine switch suited for datacenter applications as well as enterprise and service provider network deployments. The Aricent ConvergedOS supports a total of 32 100GbE QSFP28 interfaces with line-rate Layer 2/Layer 3 performance (3.2Tbps) in a true PHY-less design to meet the exponential growth for data-center traffic.

Aricent ConvergedOS is based on Aricent’s Intelligent Switching Solution (ISS), which is an industry recognized switching, routing and network optimization software platform. ISS for the data center provides seamless connectivity to storage area networks, 100G connectivity and distribution of workloads across the data centers through Ethernet VPN services.

“Aricent’s Intelligent Switching Solution will run on our D7032Q28B – Open Compute Project compliant 32x100G hardware. It provides options to our customers to experience a carrier-grade solution in the data center—one that addresses the convergence of cloud, web-scale and mobile deployments,” said Daphne Chen, Director at Inventec.

“Aricent’s open hardware initiative and support of the Open Compute Project is a recognition of the unstoppable movement to reconfigurable and agile hardware alternatives,” said Walid Negm, Chief Technology Officer, Aricent. “We are collaborating with Inventec to create hardware frameworks that are highly programmable and continue our open hardware track record with Adaptable Hardware Architectures for IoT devices, FPGA-based MAC and Physical Abstractions and 5G software integration,” Negm said.

Key capabilities of Aricent ConvergedOS:

• Data Center Networking – L2 Switching VLAN, L2 Multicast IGMP / MLD snooping, IGMP/MLD Proxy, Link aggregation, LLDP-MED, Data Center Bridging (DCB)-PFC, ETS, QCN, DCBX, LLDP
• BGP Spine Life Architecture – BGP enhancement to support faster convergence, cloud-ready management interface
• L3 (ipv4/v6) – Unicast and Multicast Routing RIP, OSPFv, IS-IS, BGP4 , IGMP (v1/v2/v3), MLD, router, PIM-SM, PIM-DM, PIM-Bidirectional, DVMRP, MSDP
• Platform Protection – Hot Redundancy, VRRP (ipv4, Ipv6), Uplink Failure Detection (UFD), multi-chassis LAG, Split Horizon
• Data Center Virtualization and Overlay – VxLAN Gateways, Ethernet VPN (VxLAN), Edge Virtualization – 802.1Qbg, S-Channel, MPLS VPN
• Data Center Convergence – Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) Enablement – FIP Snooping, FC –Direct Attach
• High-Availability Solutions – Using switch stacking and in-service software upgrades
• Data Center Telemetry – Broadview, and agent software to pull the deep ASIC stats and counter for diagnosis.

Aricent’s intelligent networking solution is a highly integrated, versatile and performance-optimized networking infrastructure for the data center, enterprise, SMB, and Industrial Ethernet markets. The solution supports a breadth of features including: switching, routing, data-center bridging, Virtual Ethernet Bridging, FIP snooping, FC Direct Attach, VXLAN, MP-BGP-based EVPN, LLDP-MED, multi-chassis link-aggregation SDN support with Open Flow and NETCONF, as well as high-availability solutions using switch stacking and ISSU, enabling a range of data-center products to be built.