Press Release

Armour Comms, the leading provider of secure communications solutions, has announced a new partnership with GEM-TELCO, specialists in telecommunications projects globally. GEM-TELCO is using Armour Mobile within the organisation to secure its internal communications and sensitive business information on projects with its executive management team and its global agents. Having used Armour Mobile successfully within the business, GEM-TELCO has now incorporated the solution within its flagship service International Traffic Audit Platform (IAP), which offers a telecom data and voice traffic monitoring system for governments and regulators.

GEM-TELCO selected Armour Mobile for its true end-to-end encryption capability, certified by NATO and for its ability to be installed on a user’s existing phone, removing the need for a special encrypted device. Armour Mobile’s user interface is easy to use for texts, voice, video and conference calls, encouraging user adoption. The solution can be hosted on local premises, providing a closed community that offers complete control of all activity, data and calls.

João Inácio, Chief Technical Officer at GEM-TELCO commented; “Armour Mobile provides us with an excellent secure communications solution that is device agnostic, easy to use and to manage. We work with many government clients offering our secure communications monitoring service and datacentres, all within one managed platform. Armour Mobile provides an extra layer of confidence in both our own internal operations and our service offerings to ensure that sensitive information exchanges have additional security to protect against external threats.”

GEM-TELCO’s IAP is a telecommunication transit platform, a single point of audit, that collects all international voice, data and signalling traffic combined and is equipped with a switching, billing, auditing and controlling platform. It covers all international telecom services via satellite, cable and/or optic fibre.

The IAP platform detects and provides statistics for both TDM and/or digital telecommunication services as well as international electronic exchange traffic. The platform also has the ability to provide all the necessary information regarding the country’s intelligence services for cyber security.

Dave Holman, Director at Armour Comms said; “This new partnership with GEM-TELCO aligns our complementary secure communications solutions for customers whose sensitive information needs to be protected. Armour Mobile provides transparent communication within a secure, private environment, while GEM-TELCO’s platform monitors and manages sensitive traffic and audit information for governments and telecommunications regulators at the highest levels. By offering Armour Mobile as part of its technology platform, and using it themselves for internal communications, GEM-TELCO ensures that it offers a secure and robust framework for all customer communications.”

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