Press Release

Astellia, leading provider of network and subscriber intelligence for mobile operators, announced that its award-winning Nova RAN solution is now integrating new and enhanced functionalities for customer experience-based optimization and increased operational efficiency.

First class accuracy
Astellia’s fully virtualized solution supports the most advanced geolocation techniques, hereby guaranteeing first-class accuracy in locating devices and assessing radio conditions across multi-technology networks (2G/3G/4G/LPWAN). Nova RAN produces 24×7 massive performance maps (i.e. RF coverage, traffic, quality, etc.), from nation-wide coverage down to a 50x50m precision. To facilitate investigation, Nova RAN generates radio health score maps which provide an aggregated view of RF weaknesses per area.

Value-based and geolocated RAN analytics
Nova RAN’s classification algorithms distinguish indoor/outdoor, static/mobility calls. Combined with advanced location-aware algorithms, it precisely locates capacity hotspots, coverage holes, pilot pollution and VIP areas. This allows to get a clear picture of the customer experience and hence target and prioritize network operations such as new site or new feature introduction, small cell planning and parameters tuning.

Automated issue detection
Radio engineers will benefit from faster investigations thanks to the automation of massive and recurring tasks like the detection of missing neighbour relations, cell overshooting or crossed-sectors.

Smart geolocated data feed
Nova RAN offers the possibility to export geolocation data through a North Bound Interface (NBI) into operators’ big data lake to implement additional use cases on top of the existing ones proposed by the solution (CEM, tourism analysis, geo-marketing…).

“With its innovative geolocation technology, Nova RAN allows mobile operators to better plan, operate and optimize their Radio Access Network which remains one of the most fragile and customer experience-impacting parts of the network. This new release of Nova RAN simplifies decision-making with a more effective and proactive management of network performance as a result. On top of this, Nova RAN leverages geolocation information to enhance network, service and subscriber analytics,” comments Franck Lamouroux, VP Products at Astellia.