The launch comes off the back of a series of smart city research initiatives by the two companies

US telco AT&T has revealed that it will be releasing a new Energy and Building Management service, in collaboration with Synchronoss. The single, cloud-based solution will allow AT&T business users to manage a whole range of disparate and disconnected systems from one mobile point of access.

With IoT applications and smart manufacturing facilities becoming ever more prevalent, businesses are streamlining their operations and finding cost saving synergies across the board.  

AT&T will use the Synchronoss’ Digital Smart Building platform to power its new energy and building management service, which uses IoT sensor data and building management systems to proactively monitor, manage and maintain their facilities energy use.

“With the influx of technology, businesses need a simple, easy-to-use solution to manage disparate systems,” said Chris Penrose, president for Internet of Things solutions at AT&T Business.

“With AT&T, companies can now easily transition from scheduled and reactive maintenance to a proactive response with predictive maintenance and alerts. This doesn’t just save them money but can also help alleviate stress by reducing their workload.”

AT&T’s Energy and Building Management solution will utilize Synchronoss’ analytics and diagnostic capabilities. The system can be used to manage one property in isolation or be used to link a series of buildings to create a smart network, enabling a whole range of cost saving synergies.  

“We are committed to helping businesses across all sectors harness their big data analytics to form actionable insights and are thrilled to be able to achieve this with AT&T,” said Glenn Lurie, president and CEO, Synchronoss.

“The Synchronoss platform can play a key role connecting into a wider smart cities ecosystem supporting sustainability, while delivering IoT-based data and solutions for cities to make decisions and solve problems. Our platform will help AT&T and its customers create and monetise new and innovative IoT services in the very near future,” he added.


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