Press Release

Omnicom Group, a global leader in marketing communications, has selected AT&T* to deploy a universal network solution that will deliver increased efficiencies and an added level of security for the company and its clients.

To help provide the delivery of its proprietary marketing services in a safer and more reliable way, Omnicom needed a trusted technology provider with the expertise to deliver a highly secure network across all Omnicom locations spanning more than 100 countries with over 78,000 employees.

“AT&T is a global expert when it comes to network technology. Putting IT abilities in their hands lets Omnicom’s IT organization focus on technology strategies that provide differentiation in our industry and for our clients,” said Craig Cuyar, Global CIO, Omnicom Group. “As we move toward a new operating model, we continue to replace many disparate systems with a single, flexible and highly secure network which will lay the foundation for further digital transformation and future growth.”

By consolidating into a single network, AT&T will help Omnicom agencies stay better connected, collaborating and delivering the latest innovations on behalf of their clients with the added benefit of cost savings.

“Omnicom is a leader in a rapidly changing industry. And our solutions have scaled alongside its growth for more than two decades,” said Frank Jules, President, AT&T Global Business. “We value our long-standing relationship with Omnicom both as its client and as its technology provider. We look forward to evolving with them for many more years to come.”

The Global Omnicom/AT&T network strategy will utilize AT&T FlexWareSM, AT&T NetBond® for Cloud and AT&T Threat Manager to build flexibility and security into Omnicom’s network capabilities.

AT&T FlexWare is a global, software-centric platform that helps Omnicom easily deploy and manage virtualized network functions like routers and firewalls via an online portal to make rapid adjustments based on changing business needs. FlexWare lets you turn features on and off and scale on demand, providing network agility like never before. This helps Omnicom reduce hardware requirements, simplify operations and future-ready their network investments to easily add or change features cost-effectively.

With these network upgrades, maintaining a highly secure environment is essential. AT&T NetBond for Cloud provides a highly secure connection between Omnicom’s AT&T virtual private network and leading cloud service providers. In addition, AT&T Threat Manager will provide a robust security incident and event management platform as well as ongoing training programs – helping to better protect Omnicom’s and its clients’ intellectual property