AT&T had originally promised to create 7,000 new jobs this year, instead it is making further redundancies

America’s biggest telco by revenues, AT&T, has announced that it will make a number of technicians redundant in California.

A report in The State newspaper said that AT&T planned to cull 101 technicians from its San Diego based workforce. This is in addition to the 368 redundancies it announced in California earlier this month.

"We are encouraging affected employees to look for other jobs with the company, including in other areas of California and the country where we’re hiring for these positions," Scott Huscher, an AT&T spokesman, told reporters from The State.

"We have some openings in the Bay Area, and we’re offering a cash award of $5,000 to techs who relocate."

The announcement fits into a broader narrative that has seen AT&T make 23,000 redundancies since the end of 2017. This has drawn the ire of US trade unions and workers groups, particularly as AT&T was granted a huge tax cut on the basis that it would create 7,000 new jobs for every billion dollars it invested.

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