Press Release

Avelacom, the low latency connectivity, IT infrastructure and data solutions provider for global financial markets today announces new optimised routes on its network to Istanbul (Bursa Istanbul), Riyadh (Saudi Stock Exchange, Tadawul) and Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, TASE). These new routes will encourage global traders to accelerate their presence in the region for continuous hedging and repositioning.

The new connectivity portfolio includes three flagship routes:
London <> Riyadh with less than 80ms*, round-trip delay,
New York <> Tel Aviv with less than 117ms*, round-trip delay,
Frankfurt <> Istanbul with less than 32ms*, round-trip delay.

Commodities and energy asset classes have been strong performers during 2022 and financial services firms are looking for new opportunities and new markets in which to trade these asset classes. Until now, smaller markets in the region were not sufficiently covered by third-party vendors thatbrought low latency solutions and tools to these markets. By optimising latency across the region, Avelacom will have a first-mover advantage in attracting financial services firms that operate algorithmic trading and require ready-to-go low latency network infrastructure and managed services.

Aleksey Larichev, CEO of Avelacom said: “As a connectivity provider for the financial services industry we need to identify new trends quickly. This allows us to connect to growing trading venues using our built-and-ready low latency infrastructure and established partnerships. This is how we see our leadership role: bringing the lowest latencies and network performance benchmarks to new markets.”

*Average latency