Press Release

Avelacom, the low latency connectivity, IT infrastructure and data solutions provider for global financial markets, is partnering with LDA Technologies, the leading vendor of ultra-low latency FPGA products, to deploy FPGA-enabled devices across its network, further reducing latency and enabling high frequency, algorithmic trading firms to improve their trading performance.

The latest generation of LDA’s FPGA-enabled network devices reduce latency by performing extensive packet validation and switching in less than 50 nanoseconds, at least 3 times faster than conventional switches, while also improving the network efficiency by using innovative bandwidth management algorithms. Pilot devices are deployed on its key ultra-low latency wireless links. In the next stage Avelacom will extend the usage of these new hardware solutions in both its wireline and wireless networks to provide ultra-low latency exchange access and market data feeds across financial markets in London, Frankfurt, New York, Chicago and Tokyo and emerging markets in Eastern Europe, APAC and Latin America.

As the FPGA-based devices are further deployed, Avelacom will be setting a new benchmark for market participants using high frequency trading strategies, particularly as market volatility drives further electronic trading volumes and increases competition. Algorithmic trading strategies require nanosecond accuracy for market data and order entry transfer, such as needed by global market making, arbitrage and other high performance trading desks.

Aleksey Larichev, CEO of Avelacom said: “Avelacom’s aim has always been to deliver the highest network performance, using a combination of the shortest paths and in-hardware acceleration. This helps us to stand out as the leader in ultra-low latency solutions and meets the needs of global financial institutions that are trading across multiple trading venues and assets, and use latency sensitive strategies. We’ve launched our ultra-low latency solutions at a good time: with the growth of market volatility, our latency optimization is likely to be even more important.”

Vahan Sardaryan, Co-Founder and CEO of LDA Technologies comments: “Our FPGA-based hardware and IP are validated by professional trading community and known to provide the best-in-class latencies. Bandwidth management is a crucial part of any shared network, our solutions will help Avelacom to manage its network performance with the highest standards and lowest possible latencies, and create a huge potential for future technology upgrades.”