Calix has launched a new virtual university to make learning more accessible for broadband service providers (BSPs) with personalized educational content and an expanded list of courses and certifications

Calix is combining the existing Calix Solutions Academy as well as the soon-to-launch Broadband Academy and Broadband Marketing Academy under a single digital campus. Calix Solutions Academy accelerates time to knowledge and proficiency on Calix premises, cloud, and access solutions—while the Broadband Academy will deliver a cross-persona curriculum that covers the five-step Calix process to building a successful broadband business: fund, design, build, operate, and market. To assist BSPs with the latter, the Broadband Marketing Academy will deliver best practices for simplifying and automating market processes, exciting subscribers, and growing return on marketing investments.

Students begin their journey at Calix University by logging in to an intuitive and personalized learning portal that provides access to the various Calix academies and communities. From there, students in the broadband industry can enjoy an engaging experience that is:

With a growing list of role-based and skill-focused academies within the university structure, Calix is significantly expanding its educational curriculum to better prepare critical roles and departments to succeed in the broadband industry which is growing rapidly thanks to government subsidies and private equity funding. Calix customers such as South Central Communications are already seeing real value in the personalized learning experience that Calix University provides.

“South Central Communications has always valued training very highly. It makes our employees feel valued, and in the end, it creates a better subscriber experience because we’re providing better service, higher quality, and less downtime,” said Kerry Alvey, chief operating officer at South Central Communications. “I really like how the new Calix University provides a step-by-step guide of the suggested training and a better experience for the learner. Calix Education Services continues to enable our customer support and help our field technician teams feel confident and better understand the services we’re delivering to subscribers.”

“In 2015, we founded Calix Academy to help broadband service providers learn the best practices, tools, and insight they need to deliver the ultimate subscriber experience,” said Martha Galley, senior vice president of customer engagement and services for Calix. “In 2021, we are expanding the value of our partnership with BSPs by opening the digital doors of the new Calix University to offer a persona-based experience that simply cannot be found anywhere else. Calix University—which represents a strategic investment in the continued evolution of our educational services—enables BSPs to accelerate their learning so they can launch new and innovative services, build high performance networks, and improve go-to-market effectiveness that will excite eager subscribers.”

Calix are a Platinum Sponsor of Connected Britain which takes place in London on the 21-22 September 2021