BAI Communications UK CEO, Billy D’Arcy, spoke with Total Telecom about the work they are doing in both London and Sunderland to provide the backbone of mobile and digital connectivity.

Through their 20-year partnership with Transport for London (TfL), they will deliver high-speed mobile connectivity across the capital – in what will be the most advanced and largest infrastructure project of its type in the world.

Sunderland City Council and BAI have formed a world-first, 20-year strategic partnership, to create the UK’s most advanced smart city. BAI is building a 5G-powered smart city infrastructure to deliver a broad range of socio-economic benefits, that will deliver a broad range of digital solutions across the city that transform outcomes for people and places.

Using a neutral host model provides a game changer for addressing hard to reach and under-served communities across the country, improving coverage in difficult locations, be that highly congested areas or remote, hard-to-reach environments, contributing towards levelling up connectivity across the UK.

Watch Billy D’Arcy’s interview here:

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