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T-Mobile hails ‘substantial network investments’ in Texas

T-Mobile has installed over 1,200 new cell sites to provide 5G service across Texas since 2021, and the company said they’ve upgraded thousands more.

T-Mobile’s 5G network covers 99 percent of the Lone Star State, representing more than 198,000 square miles, according to a recent release from the network provider, which said the company has continued to double down on their Texas investment.

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How China Unicom are addressing the issue of 5G monetisation

In the early days of 5G, the improvements to mobile and broadband services beyond increased speed and latency were limited, and so the difference from 4G was small, which made it hard to market to consumer.

What primarily underpins 5G monetisation is pricing upsell – if operators want the consumers to pay more, they must offer more. That could be more data, faster speed or lower latency, for the operator to monetise the consumer more than they are able to for 4G.

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The Netherlands lines up private 5G spectrum licences

The RDI is preparing to make local, private 5G spectrum licences in the 3.5GHz band available to enterprise customers before the end of the year.

Two 50MHz blocks in the 3.5GHz band (more specifically, 3,400–3,450MHz and 3,750–3,800MHz) are being set aside for enterprise use, with the RDI saying that companies can apply individually or in partnership to gain access to the spectrum.

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Ericsson launches 5G standalone software toolkit

Ericsson has launched a new software toolkit to strengthen 5G Standalone network capabilities and enable premium services with differentiated connectivity. The portfolio enhancement comes as the growth of new use cases and rising mobile user expectations on the quality of 5G experience are putting greater demands on network capacity and performance.

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Ericsson launches ‘India 6G’ project

Press Release

Ericsson has announced the launch of its ‘India 6G’ program with the formation of an India 6G Research team in its Chennai R&D Center. Ericsson has three R&D Centers in India: in Chennai, Bengaluru and Gurgaon. This ‘India 6G’ team comprises of senior research leaders and a team of experienced researchers across Radio, Networks, AI and Cloud, who have been entrusted with developing fundamental solutions for the future of telecommunications.

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