Press Release

Baicells Technologies, a leading provider of LTE and 5G NR solutions for service providers, enterprises, and communities, and FreedomFi, a pioneer of decentralized wireless networks, have announced the availability of the most powerful small cell available for the Helium mobile network, the new Nova436H small cell with FreedomFi plug-and-play setup. This small cell is part of a new turnkey solution bundle that also includes the FreedomFi gateway, the CBRS SAS spectrum access, and a year of support. This bundle is available today for purchase at Baicells or any one of their partners.

The 436H small cell is delivered pre-provisioned with FreedomFi firmware for seamless integration with the FreedomFi gateway and Powered by FreedomFi gateways from companies like the Bobcat Bobber 500, enabling easy deployment and quick setup time for users of the decentralized network. It becomes an attractive proposition following the recent approval of Helium’s HIP (Helium Improvement Proposal) 51 rules allowing network users to now offer CBRS as connectivity option for all kinds of compatible devices and end points. The open 5G ready CBRS solution bundle allows FreedomFi users to start earning the new Helium Mobile tokens as soon as the earning launch on the network.

Broadly speaking, HIP 51 is a major step forward in the decentralized network initiative. It specifies the structure and mechanisms required to earn rewards for 5G network operators that leverage CBRS spectrum to connect CBRS end points like smartphones, tablets, smart devices, and more. To date, there are now 440 FCC authorized CBRS devices. The HIP 51 rules mark the next evolution of the community-driven, decentralized 5G “People’s Network” and will expand the Helium network into a “network of networks,” offering two distinct networking domains, MOBILE and IOT. IOT tokens will continue to be generated by the LoRaWAN hotspots, and MOBILE tokens will now be generated through 5G hotspots, like the Nova 436H. Full details on the HIP 51 proposal can be found here.

The Baicells Nova436H marks one of the first cellular platforms to utilize carrier-grade hardware for the Helium network to take full advantage of the HIP 51 rules. The higher-powered radio will offer extended coverage range to reach more end users, presenting new opportunities for network and traffic growth. By connecting these new end-user types, owners can generate MOBILE tokens that can be directly transferred into HNT. FreedomFi already supports the Baicells Nova430H small cell and this lower power outdoor solution will remain an option for users.

“HIP 51 is a natural next step for the People’s Network,” said Jesse Raasch, Baicells CTO. “To keep growing the network you need to be able to leverage more wireless spectrum and there needed to be a comprehensive rewards structure in place to incentivize the deployment of hotspots that can both extend the coverage of the network and connect new device types. The Nova436H, when installed with the FreedomFi Gateway, will let the individual network operators connect to a new user community. We’re very bullish on how this new platform elevates the FreedomFi network and the underlying use cases that will emerge.”

“I don’t think many people outside of Helium enthusiasts really understand just how significant an opportunity HIP 51 will be for the community,” said Boris Renski, Founder and CEO of FreedomFi. “It provides the framework to allow the community to fully embrace and benefit from open 5G mobile technology, from spectrum to device, and reward those at the forefront of adoption. In order to drive a rapid bottom-ups network deployment, it is critical to have a range of economical, operational friendly, small cell options that ultimately deliver high quality wireless connectivity to all these mobile devices. We are excited by the capabilities of the Nova436H small cell, and to work with Baicells, as we position the open, decentralized mobile network for the next level of growth.”

The new Nova436H FreedomFi Gateway bundle is available for immediate purchase from Baicells or through their partners. FreedomFi Nova436H Bundle Purchase Info.