Press Release

A public sale of unused radio frequencies could lead to the transformation of the Slovenian telecommunications landscape, according to a company that has obtained a license for operating frequencies which support business-critical machine-to-machine (M2M) communications.

BeeIN purchased frequencies in the 700 MHz radio frequency band at a public auction, held by the Agency for Communication Networks and Services in the Republic of Slovenia (AKOS), with the decision becoming final after the expiry of the appeal period. As part of the public tender, BeeIN will have to build a network spanning at least 75% of the territory of the Republic of Slovenia for users of business-critical communications that require high network reliability.

“After months of diligent preparations, this acquisition allows our growing company to kick into next gear, and intensely engage with customers and stakeholders to accelerate the digitization of the Slovenian industry in general, with a particular focus on electric power, logistics and smart campuses,” said BeeIN CEO Damir Opsenica.

The advent of M2M communication and fifth generation (5G) networks has the potential to transform the Slovenian telecommunications landscape. This latest acquisition is crucial for BeeIN’s continued growth, an operator that understands the rules, regulations and legal implications of critical information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure and recognizes the complexities and needs of industry verticals on its path to digitalization.

“Stakeholders of the Slovenian critical infrastructure understand the importance of business-critical connectivity in their respective fields. In the past, they were forced to build and operate their own private telecommunications networks, and now they have the opportunity to optimize their operations with various BeeIN services,” explained BeeIN Sales Director Kristijan Melinc. “After we expressed our initial interest with letters of intent, we are now able to concretize the cooperation with clear short, medium and long-term projects. This entails investing network equipment and building the network, as we engage with technology and business partners.”

Slovenia is a very advanced country in the field of modern communications, with the presence of numerous telecommunications operators and system integrators such as S&T, as well as leading technology providers for the digitization of industries and society, such as Iskratel.