Press Release

Beesion Technologies, the pioneer of low-code telecom software, has partnered with Greencastle Associates Consulting to help its global software clients adopt new and improved operational changes that often accompany Beesion’s rapid software deployments.

Beesion’s low-code software is often used to overhaul and revolutionize long-standing processes because it’s quick to launch and simple to expand. It uses little to no code, instead relying on prebuilt software modules and drag-and-drop tools. As such, it can help companies retool entrenched processes in a fraction of the time needed by traditional software.

“Greencastle has extensive change management experience,” said Gustavo Merchan, Beesion CMO. “We believe they can help our clients adjust to new processes and new ways of getting jobs done.”

The partnership will focus on reverse logistics projects, inventory management projects, and other operational projects that often have many moving parts that work together and are spread out among warehouses, retail channels, vendors, and other places.

In additional to change management, Greencastle may also help Beesion with project management and process improvement strategies for its telecom clients.

“All new processes have a cycle. Initially, there’s great excitement about the change. But as time goes on, enthusiasm wanes. We help companies mitigate and avoid that ‘Valley of Despair,’” said Joe Crandall, Greencastle Partner.

Beesion provides a broad range of low-code software applications for telecom companies. It’s Telecom Reverse Logistics Software and Telecom Inventory Management software is deployed in Tier 1 telecom companies and reverse logistics providers.

Merchan said Beesion selected Greencastle because of its telecom and military experience. Greencastle is 100% veteran owned and was founded by Army Rangers.