Last month, Total Telecom visited Huawei’s awesome new R&D campus in Dongguan

Down the road at Huawei’s production plant, assembly lines spew out the latest P20 Pro and P30 Pro handsets at the rate of a staggering 80,000 units per day. The line operates with ruthless efficiency, averaging less than 3 errors per million pieces produced.

Huawei’s flagship smartphones take 2 hours to produce – from the first lick of silicone on the motherboard to a fully boxed final product.

Six years ago, it took 97 people to operate the production line. Today, only 17 humans are required to oversee the operation of the line.

Back at the R&D campus, Huawei was keen to show off its brand new 5G test antenna, which is capable of utilising spectrum in the 400Mhz – 6 Ghz range.