Press Release

BENOCS GmbH and NL-ix announced that the Hosted Benocs Analytics Service is available over the NL-ix platform. The Service is now available from the close to 100 European NL-ix enabled Data Centers.

BENOCS hosted services provides customers with detailed network analytics backed by powerful data. This state-of-the-art tool gives customers full traffic flow visibility spanning multiple dimensions across the entire internet supply chain. Thus, allowing them the ability to easily spot new business opportunities, network abnormalities, and much much more.

“By connecting to the NL-ix network, we immediately spread our service all over Europe, making it available in all of the datacenters that NL-ix is in. At the same time, the ultra-low latency character of the NL-ix platform enables us to guarantee the best possible quality of our hosted services anywhere in Europe”, stated Stephan Schroeder, BENOCs CEO.

For NL-ix customers this means the BENOCS Analytics services is, via a simple additional VLAN, available over an NL-ix port, thus saving costs on installation and patches. Jerry Grondel, NL-ix Technical Product Manager states: ”The BENOCS service is another example of a SaaS application that uses NL-ix to fan-out over Europe, providing a great service with a value beyond the NL-ix network.”