Press Release

BENOCS GmbH and Prodapt announce their partnership to bring BENOCS network intelligence into North America. Through Prodapt’s network in this region, Internet Service Providers and Telecoms will now have easier access to BENOCS powerful data solutions, providing them the visibility and automation they need for optimizing their network traffic and lowering their operational costs.

Since Prodapt is a highly credible partner in North America with a broad portfolio of capabilities, “we could not be more excited to have Prodapt’s support in recommending our solutions to this part of the world. This partnership will strengthen our current and future customer relationships and open doors we didn’t even know existed,” stated Stephan Schroeder, CEO of BENOCS.

With more demand placed on telco networks in the wake of COVID-19, DSPs need scalable and efficient solutions to continue delivering the best quality to end-users. The Prodapt-BENOCS partnership will empower DSPs with network intelligence that facilitates them with the understanding and optimization of network traffic.

“This strategic partnership will enable DSPs with best-in-class next-gen network telemetry and network analytics solutions that will offer them operational agility,” said Rajiv Papneja, SVP and Global Head of Network Services, Prodapt. “We are delighted to have BENOCS analytics solution capabilities as part of our Open Virtual Exchange (OVX) ecosystem, which will strengthen our network analytics offerings for DSPs that focus on displaying large network traffic flows for peering optimization, network operations, and maintenance."