Press Release

Verne Global, a provider of advanced data center solutions for high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI), today announced that it has partnered with Bonseyes, a secure marketplace and collaborative platform for building and trading AI applications with headquarters in Switzerland; a move that provides its platform users with access to Verne Global’s HPC optimised bare-metal infrastructure, hpcDIRECT.

The Bonseyes marketplace is one of the most advanced ways to collaborate on AI solution development and to productise its capabilities. The platform connects innovators that want to address a specific enterprise or industry challenge with specialist AI developers, researchers and data scientists. Launching in early 2020, the open AI platform will remove the need for users to invest high levels of finance, time and energy in building their own in-house AI teams or contracting third-party services. Driving an extreme edge device centric model, this paradigm shift not only opens up numerous opportunities for organisations to collaborate, going beyond the limitations of traditional cloud models, but also puts Europe on the path to become a leading global player in the coming “AI-as-a-Service” economy.

With Verne Global’s hpcDIRECT solution available on the platform, users will gain access to a world class platform which has been built specifically for the intensive compute characterised by AI on-demand. With hpcDIRECT, users will be able to scale and streamline their development and testing of compute-intensive AI applications, with first-class performance and support on-hand, and the added benefit of knowing their work is powered by low-cost renewable energy.

“We’re pleased to join Bonseyes in this exciting venture. hpcDIRECT is purposefully built for the extreme compute workloads characterised by AI and HPC. Our optimised infrastructure, powered by renewable energy, keeps costs low, while our in-house specialist technical team are experts in tailoring the environment to suit the requirements and unique demands of competitive AI startups,” said Tate Cantrell, Chief Technology Officer at Verne Global.

“By collaborating with Verne Global, the Bonseyes marketplace users will be able to turn their competitive AI concepts into reality, knowing it is supported by a first-class, HPC-optimised data center and a skilled team of engineers and advisors,” said Tim Llewellynn, President at Bonseyes Community Association. “The Verne Global team provided top-notch support to us from the start and they’re a natural partner for this project.”

Participants to the Bonseyes marketplace will now be able to access dedicated HPC infrastructure necessary for training of deep learning models, alongside the other services such as experimentation, model compression, privacy and security tools as well as benchmarking services.