Residents on the UK’s worst performing street are currently experiencing download speeds of just 0.14Mbps

A new survey published by USwitch has revealed the UK’s best and worst performing areas for fixed line broadband connectivity.

Greenmeadows Park in the Gloucestershire village of Bamfurlong was revealed as the UK’s slowest residential street for broadband, clocking average download speeds of just 0.14Mbps.

In total, the survey revealed that 13.3 per cent of properties could not access speeds of more than 5Mbps. This will present a sizable problem for the UK government, when its Universal Service Obligation kicks in 2020, guaranteeing speeds of 10Mbps to every UK property that requires it.

However, USwitch believes that many consumers experiencing the worst connectivity in the country, were unaware that they could easily access faster speeds by switching provider.  

"Over a third of the slowest streets have access to superfast speeds, so people living there have no need to be crawling along on completely unusable internet services," USwitch’s broadband expert, Dani Warner, said.

Ironically, Greenmeadows Park has access to some of the country’s fastest broadband services in the country, with rural broadband provider Gigaclear offering speeds in excess of 1Gbps.  

"The industry should be doing more to help consumers understand what sort of broadband they can get at home," said Warner.   

The research highlighted the UK’s geographic, digital divide, with nine of the country’s slowest locations being located north of the River Mersey. Conversely, five of the best-connected properties in the UK were found to be in the south west of the country.  


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