Press Release

New broadband provider brsk (pronounced brisk) has announced that their rollout of gigabit-capable full-fibre broadband services has kicked off in the South of Manchester, starting with Stockport and Edgeley, delivering ultrafast speeds to the community. Brsk expects its first services to go live in Stockport in May 2022, the build will cover an estimated 150,000 homes and businesses in the first phase which covers:

Adswood, Burnage, Davenport, Didsbury, Edgeley, Heaton Chapel, Heaton Mersey, Heaton Moor, Heaton Norris, Ladybarn, Offerton, Parrs Wood, Portwood, Reddish, and Stockport.

Check their online map at to see whether you are covered.

The expanded rollout to Greater Manchester follows recent works in Bradford and Burnley which are already underway to upgrade another 150,000 premises.

Rated ‘excellent’ on Trustpilot, brsk’s full fibre upgrade will allow subscribers on their network to browse, work, stream and play across multiple devices, all at the same time, without buffering, lag or interruptions.

The arrival of brsk’s new broadband network is timely, as more professionals in Manchester are finding themselves working from home and sharing their connection with family – highlighting the need for a faster and more dependable connection.
Many brsk customers are already enjoying the benefits of full fibre broadband to their homes.

“My son has been watching YouTube, playing games and streaming videos and hasn’t once complained that ‘our wifi is terrible’ which was a daily thing with my last provider!” said Louise via Trustpilot. Another commented “I’ve had the broadband running for over 2 weeks now. It is really fast, stable, and no teething problems whatsoever…unlike Virgin. I certainly recommend brsk.’

As one subscriber put it “We don’t have arguments about the WiFi in our house anymore!”

For a limited time, residents in Stockport and in their Manchester coverage area can have their homes upgraded to full fibre broadband free of charge, while getting one-time-only deals if they register their interest while the upgrade works are underway.

Subscribers can choose between brsk’s 18-month contracts or rolling month-to-month plans.

18-month contracts start at £25 for 100mbps, moving to £33 for 500mbps, going up to £45 for their 900+mbps service; while brsk’s month-to-month rolling plans start at £33 for 100mbps, moving to £35 for 500mbps, going up to £49 for their 900+mbps service.

Giorgio Iovino, Brsk founder and CEO, said:
“We know that many areas of Manchester have suffered for a long time with slow broadband speeds, so we’re excited to bring affordable full fibre broadband to residents. Not only is our service faster and better equipped for the future, but we also provide ‘Excellent’ customer service as standard. The difference needs to be felt to be believed, which is why we’re inviting residents in parts of Stockport and Manchester to try out our full fibre services against their current provider. Our full fibre network is future proof, so as families grow, and as more people connect their devices, our network will be the better choice as our collective demand for bandwidth continues to increase.

Reliable and secure broadband connectivity is crucial in supporting local communities and education; which is why Brsk are committed to providing a free gigabit-capable connection to any school or centre of community importance that their fibre passes.

Brsk are letting households know if engineering works will affect their streets by letterbox drop. The company is also engaging with the local community and councillors to inform residents about the project, which can be accessed through the locations page on their website ( You can check their coverage map to see whether your home will be covered by their rollout on their website, or you can call them on 0330 088 6947.

Brsk will be installing new fibre cables throughout the area using existing poles and underground ducts, which means disruption to the community will be kept to a minimum. Once the fibre cables are installed into the area, residents who want to connect to a broadband service can place an order for fibre cable to be installed from the street into their home.

Full fibre uses fibre-optic cables to deliver broadband services to premises (Fibre to the Premises, FTTP), providing faster speeds and more reliable service than copper-based networks (Fibre to the Cabinet, FTTC). FTTP Networks like these boost local economies by providing jobs, making local property more saleable and enabling a much more attractive base for businesses and home workers alike.

Brsk also provides guaranteed WiFi coverage across the home with their new BetterWiFi service; as well as providing a phone service (BetterPhone), which uses an internet connection to make calls, allowing you to move away from your old copper landline, and the associated costs.

Residents who sign up early qualify for exclusive offers; you can check whether your home qualifies at and register your interest for updates on the rollout in your area. Questions and queries are encouraged, you can reach brsk at and on 0330 088 6947.