The move will allow BT to manage its WIFI, fixed line and 5G mobile networks remotely

BT has chosen Juniper Networks to deliver its Network Cloud infrastructure initiative, to underpin its 5G networks in the UK. The move will pave the way for BT’s Network Cloud rollout.  

The new platform will allow BT to offer an array of converged network services, combining WIFI, mobile and fixed line network services.

“BT is a global leader in ultrafast services, with growing demand from our ultrafast broadband services and ultrafast 5G services and has the perfect opportunity to combine several discrete networks into a unified, automated infrastructure.

"This move to a single cloud-driven network infrastructure will enable BT to offer a wider range of services, faster and more efficiently to customers in the UK and around the world. We chose Juniper to be our trusted partner to underpin this Network Cloud infrastructure based on the ability to deliver a proven solution immediately, so we can hit the ground running. Being able to integrate seamlessly with other partners and solutions and aligning with our roadmap to an automated and programmable network is also important,” said Neil McRae, chief architect at BT.

BT has spoken of its desire to launch a fully converged, hybrid network that will offer its subscribers ubiquitous, next-generation connectivity. The UK’s incumbent telecoms operator has stated that it hopes to launch its converged network in 2022.

“As a renowned global service provider, BT is a shining example of how to evolve networks to become more agile. By leveraging the ‘beach-front property’ it has in central offices around the globe, BT can optimise the business value that 5G’s bandwidth and connectivity brings. The move to an integrated telco cloud platform brings always-on reliability, along with enhanced automation capabilities, to help improve business continuity and increase time-to-market while doing so in a cost-effective manner,” said Bikash Koley, chief technology officer, Juniper Networks.

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