BT sent 4.9 million emails promoting three charities with which it was working during 2016, which the ICO says contravened data protection laws

BT was ordered to pay a fine of £77,000 today, after it sent five million marketing emails to customers without their consent.

The emails, which were sent between December 2015 and November 2016 promoted three charities that BT was working with.  

"There was no financial benefit to BT and minimal impact on customers – in fact, almost five million emails elicited just one complaint," BT Said in a statement.

Despite imposing the fine, The Information Commissioners Office acknowledged that BT had not deliberately sort to break the rules.  

"We have accepted the facts set out by the ICO and have apologised.

"We immediately tightened our procedures when the complaint was originally raised in February 2017 – as part of our robust and ongoing commitment to the highest standards of data management," the statement continued.