Press Release

Join Total Telecom on Tuesday, Jun 30, 2020 for an interactive panel discussion in association with Submarine Networks EMEA

Submarine cables are vital in providing connectivity to every corner of the world, but their importance doesn’t stop here. Subsea networks have the unique potential to support the scientific community and global government stakeholders by becoming a platform for deep ocean monitoring and environmental warning systems, through the development of SMART cables (Science Monitoring and Reliable Telecommunications).

The webinar which will be led by the SMART Cables Joint Task Force (JTF) will be a series of short presentations and a panel discussion, and will provide insights on:
• How can submarine cables be used for environmental monitoring and disaster mitigation by deploying oceanographic sensors?
• The need for collaboration between interested parties: cable operators, suppliers, regulators, science and early warning agencies, etc.
• Possible business and finance models for early SMART systems
• Protecting the interests of commercial cable owners and telecoms users
• How smarter cables can improve our understanding of the ocean

Confirmed speakers:
• Bruce Howe, Chair, SMART Cables JTF & Professor of Ocean and Resources Engineering, University of Hawaii, USA
• Jose Barros, Director of External Affairs, Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM), Portugal
• Jerome Aucan, Chair Science, SMART Cables JTF & Researcher, French Institute for Research and Development, New Caledonia
• Nigel Bayliff, Vice-Chair, SMART Cables JTF & CEO, Aqua Comms
• Steve Lentz, Co-Chair Engineering, SMART Cables JTF & Director, Network System Science & Engineering, Ocean Specialists Inc., USA
• Giorgio Mangano, Head of Ocean Bottom Systems, Güralp Systems Ltd., UK
• Sasano Rahardjo, Research Engineer, Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT), Indonesia
• Frederik Tilmann, Geophysicist, GFZ Research Centre for Geosciences, Germany
• Philippe Dumont, CEO, EllaLink

Who should attend?
• Cable manufacturers
• Turnkey suppliers and equipment providers
• Marine survey and monitoring specialists
• Academics
• Cable owners and operators
• Government regulatory bodies
• Consultancy services


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