Press Release

Bulk Infrastructure, the Nordic’s leading provider of ultra-scalable, highly connected, sustainable data centers, announces they are partnering with Endor, a top supplier of 100 percent renewable hybrid IT solutions, on a suite of procurement, lifecycle management and 24 x 7 support services. The cooperation agreement complements Bulk services to go beyond total cost of ownership (TCO) and provide more choice, flexibility, and seamless integration.

Under the new partnership, Endor will provide Capacity-, Data Center-, and Hardware-as-a-Service including design, logistics, implementation, management, refresh, and disposal. The agreement also offers a range of financial models for ultimate flexibility.

“Green IT is essential in the growing digital economy and partnering with Endor reduces barriers-to-entry for AI and HPC customers,” says Rob Elder, Vice President of Bulk Data Centers. “We make it easy for International customers to access the Nordic market and scale over time while minimizing complexity and cost. We allow them to focus on their business and invest more into services and less into infrastructure. The industry needs to look strategically at colocation, leverage low-TCO power pricing and carbon reduction opportunities.”

Nordic digital infrastructure delivers low operating costs to meet the high-density requirements in AI and HPC.  Bulk’s tailored, meticulous solutions help to meet evolving needs. The partnership with Endor extends these capabilities, a good partner for power-intensive data processing needs.

“Bulk is a natural fit for Endor and well-timed with the growing importance of the Nordics for the European digital market,” says Edith Rose, Managing Director of Endor’s EC Germany GmbH entity. “We continue to see that innovation is very high in Germany, for example, and Bulk’s diverse network routes, renewable energy power, as well as secure and scalable facilities create a strong presence and reputation in the region.”

With green-powered data center locations that offer enhanced power resilience, scalability and flexibility, our team ensures workloads run with the utmost availability, cost efficiency and responsiveness. This commitment, along with the companies’ combined decades of insight as well as expert in-house engineering and service teams, means a trusted advisor to AI, HPC, automotive, financial services, research providers and more.

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