Press Release

Outvise, the largest freelance talent platform in telecoms, is expanding their specialised unit of fibre professionals to cope with an increased demand for external talent. These experts will support operators across Europe to develop business models, source financing, plan infrastructure and design marketing strategies to supercharge the continent’s fibre rollout.

The unit will reinforce the network of fibre specialists at a global level to nurture the current talent-tensed fibre market. Via the expansion of the current team of telco-specialised recruiters and the generation of fibre-specific content, Outvise is the only provider of a talent blueprint for telecoms companies.

Pau, cofounder at Outvise, said:

“Now more than ever, telecom companies need the right talent to drive fibre rollout. They need innovative business minds; technological experts; and professionals that are well-versed in the regulations and consumer tendencies in local markets. Outvise’s fibre unit creates a one-stop-shop for fibre expertise, providing ready-made freelance teams of top experts.”

Outvise’s fibre experts have already worked with major players including Eurofiber, Liberty Global, o2, Vodafone, SSE, EQT, PYUR, Antin, Adamo or Lyntia as well as the telecom arms of major consulting firms. Profiles include, among others:

– Commercial implementation: B2C and B2B
– Data analytics/ business intelligence
– Digital performance
– Digital self-service and operations
– Local geo-marketing
– M&A fibre support
– Software solution managers and architects: BSS/OSS, CRM.

This initiative couldn’t come at a more timely moment. Connectivity has the potential to transform economies; governments and private interests alike know this. There is a substantial increase in fibre investment, particularly in the UK and Germany. Outvise’s specialised fibre unit can play a pivotal role in helping operators leverage these crucial opportunities and connect Europe.

Outvise finds and connects business tech experts with companies that require deep expertise to deliver on their projects. We do this by building and managing a global community of specialised freelancers, finding collaborative ways to serve our clients and experts to deliver greater value and satisfaction to both parties.