Press Release

New Calix Support Cloud mobile capabilities automatically adapt to field technicians’ mobile devices to provide them market-leading visibility and real-time insights into subscriber networks so they can optimize installations, eliminate support calls, and deliver a brand-enhancing experience

Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) today announced enhancements to Calix Support Cloud that provide field technicians with the same end-to-end visibility and real-time behavioral insights into the subscriber’s network as their customer support teams in the contact center. Designed to significantly improve efficiency and simplify troubleshooting while on the go, field technicians can now access the full functionality of this Revenue EDGE solution from a tablet or smartphone. This includes the new and powerful real-time subscriber network topology view. With these insights, field technicians can streamline both the installation and troubleshooting process substantially, enabling them to complete installations or diagnose and resolve problems quickly and accurately, alleviate demands on customer service representatives (CSRs), and improve the subscriber experience. Because technicians can now leverage the same data and insights that are delivered to their contact center counterparts, broadband service providers (BSPs) can simplify their support operations by reducing the number and duration of follow-up support calls and slash costly second truck rolls. Ultimately a BSP will be able to refocus resources on activities that grow revenue and build subscriber loyalty.

Often the first point of contact for subscribers, field technicians—also known as installation and repair (I&R) technicians—are the face of a BSP’s brand. With this new, extended mobile access to the same subscriber experience and network data as CSRs, I&R technicians can provide first-class customer care and deliver the ultimate subscriber experience through the following:

Enhanced visibility: New real-time topology views provide an end-to-end visual of the subscriber network and connected clients, simplifying and accelerating troubleshooting. I&R technicians can identify and proactively address issues—such as mesh device placement, SSID pool management, and support for new BSP-delivered services like Arlo Secure within EDGE Suites—regardless of their location, speeding time to resolution and reducing the number and duration of inbound calls.
Optimized support operations: Rather than relying on CSRs to complete service provisioning and confirm network health before leaving a subscriber’s home, I&R technicians can now independently address many of the elements that impact the subscriber experience during and after an installation. That means technicians can spend less time in a subscriber’s home and CSRs can handle more support calls or make outbound sales calls to drive additional revenue.
Lower operating expenses: With a single, accurate source of subscriber experience data now available across the entire support function, BSPs can significantly reduce errors that occur during team handoffs and reduce costly and unnecessary truck rolls—prioritizing them for when they are actually needed. These savings can be reinvested to further grow the value of the service provider’s business.
Standards-based, multi-vendor support: With support for more than 80 third-party wireless gateways, this new capability ensures that field technicians are armed to provide the best service in a mixed environment. By supporting industry standards, such as TR-069, Calix continues to add new third-party gateways every quarter, underscoring its commitment to industry standards when others are focusing on proprietary walled garden ecosystems.

“As longtime users of Support Cloud we can attest to the enormous value it brings to our subscriber experience, especially when it comes to delivering premium managed Wi-Fi services that excite our subscribers,” said Brian Vaughn, vice president of operations at Forked Deer Connect, LLC in Tennessee. “With an extremely small technical support team, it is critical for us to get it right the first time. The ability to remotely access Support Cloud data from our mobile devices makes a world of difference for us—we can all be out on the road at the same time, without having to worry about having someone back in the office tethered to a computer to run diagnostics following an installation. These enhancements enable us to improve our overall efficiency and reduce operating expenses while taking proactive subscriber care to the next level.”

Purpose-built for BSP customer support and care, Support Cloud is designed to address subscriber needs simply and proactively. Unprecedented visibility into all elements that impact the subscriber experience, coupled with automated diagnostics, enable BSPs to optimize the efficiency of their support operations by improving first-call resolution, reducing escalations, and cutting truck rolls by up to 60 percent—in addition to improving subscriber satisfaction. When used in conjunction with other Revenue EDGE solutions, such as the CommandIQ® mobile app, GigaSpire® BLAST systems, Calix Marketing Cloud, and EDGE Suites, customers can seamlessly deliver premium managed services with the utmost efficiency: Bascom Communications reduced support call duration by 80 percent in less than a year after deploying Support Cloud.

“With these mobile enhancements to Support Cloud, technicians in the field have access to the same single source of truth that the support team relies on to deliver a world-class managed service,” said Shane Eleniak, senior vice president of Revenue EDGE products for Calix. “These capabilities can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, amplifying the value of data and real-time behavioral insights across the organization. The ability to leverage the Calix Cloud platform drives dramatic efficiencies for customer care. With simplified, end-to-end visibility into the subscriber experience, broadband businesses of any size can deliver and support world-class services that excite subscribers while improving operational efficiency to grow profitability and revenue.”

The new features will be available beginning August 20, 2021. Learn more about Calix Support Cloud and the Revenue EDGE solution, and register for the August 25 webinar, “Why Customer Care Is Key to a Successful Broadband Business: Lessons from ALLO Communications.”