Press Release

Calvi, a leading electronic bill presentment (EBP)1 and TEM2 software vendor, has announced general availability of Calvi Polaris. Calvi Polaris is the latest release of Calvi’s existing Bill Presentment and Communication platform, providing easy-to-use capabilities that take the pain out of redesigning or innovating the billing experience.

Polaris makes upgrading the digital billing experience far easier
Communications Service Providers (CSPs) have spent billions of dollars rolling out new networks and innovating new services, bundles and price plans, but they risk falling at the last hurdle if customers find their bills hard to use and difficult to understand. A good billing experience makes unfamiliar charges and products easier to understand and manage, which supports innovation and gives customers more confidence to adopt new products and price plans.

However, while many CSPs want to improve the billing experience they deliver, they often discover that doing so is hard, expensive and slow, because legacy designs and applications are hard-coded and difficult to change. Calvi Polaris empowers CSPs to respond to business change and meet the needs of their customers by enabling CSPs to make changes to their bills in a very cost-effective way, and without the requirement for a six-figure upgrade or lengthy change cycle. An Agile approach means that new features are available every three weeks, ensuring Polaris customers can respond to changing business requirements faster and remain compliant with evolving industry standards.

One such standard that CSPs are currently working to comply with is WCAG 2.1, which ensures a website is usable and understandable for the majority of people, including those with disabilities such as blindness & low vision, deafness & hearing loss. In many countries, WCAG 2.1 compliance is not aspirational but mandated by law. Calvi Polaris offers a quick and cost-effective route to meeting this requirement, because it is fully WCAG 2.1 compliant (AA rating).

“Calvi Polaris will drive a step-change in the way our customers deploy and maintain our solution,” noted Walter Neeft, Calvi’s Chief Commercial Officer. “It enables CSPs to transform their digital billing experience with limited impact on their legacy billing infrastructure and ensures they can effectively respond to rapid business change. Ultimately, Calvi Polaris means CSPs can now innovate their bills in line with their services – delivering a billing experience that’s fit for the digital era.”

What are the benefits of Calvi Polaris?
Calvi Polaris is already being rolled out to existing Calvi customers and is now available for general release. Key benefits of the new solution are:

• Ease of deployment and scalability – Polaris is deployed as a containerized application (Kubernetes), with security built in by design. Polaris enables CSPs to deploy and scale Calvi’s solution rapidly and more cost-effectively
• Always up-to-date – Calvi Polaris is always up-to-date and compliant with the latest rules, regulations & standards. New features are released every three weeks
• Accessibility and inclusivity – the solution is 100% accessible and ensures full WCAG 2.1 compliance (AA rating)
• Increased support for CSP self-service – with Calvi Polaris, CSPs can easily configure the solution so that it matches their corporate branding guidelines, and meets their specific billing & reporting requirements, without the need for any custom-coding or expensive change management process.

Commenting on the new release, Rick Leijten, Product Manager at Calvi, says: “Calvi Polaris is a game-changer for the telecom billing experience. We wanted to give CSPs the tools they need to innovate their customer’s billing experience faster and with greater agility. Polaris enables our customers to adjust their bill communication and presentment strategy rapidly. With changes and new features being delivered every three weeks, the question CSPs need to consider is: can you afford to be left behind?”