Across the world banks are shuttering branches leaving many people without a face to face way to manage their money and impacting other social issues exacerbated as high streets evolve from being at the heart of communities. In the UK consumer group Which estimate that numbers of bank branches have almost halved since 2015, whilst in Spain more than ten percent of branches closed in 2021 alone.

Now Vodafone Spain are going someway towards addressing the issue through a new partnership with financial services provider Caja Rural del Sur and the government of the Andalucia region.

A pilot project of the bank totem sees a virtual office installed in the form of a kiosk in locations lacking physical branches. The kiosk gives bank customers the opportunity to securely connect face to face with a personal advisor from Caja Rural del Sur and use augmented reality technology to share documents, draw on the screen to resolve issues and facilitate transactions, even generating a record of any agreements reached.

The bank totem is created by Zerintia Technologies and Asseco Spain in collaboration with Vodafone and will be deployed in more localities if the initial pilot phase is a success.

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