Grid Telecom Greece has put Crete on the international broadband network map as it names its subsea fibre optic cables

The newly named but already operational MINOAS-EAST and MINOAS-WEST cables connect Crete with the Peloponnese region of the Greek mainland in parallel with the subsea electrical connections.

Grid Telecom Greece, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Independent Power Transmission Operator of Greece, hopes to increase commercial exploitation of what it sees as state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure and enhance the awareness of cable landing in Crete as a regional telecommunications hub.

In addition, the recently installed double fibre optic cable system between Pachi, Megara in the Attica region and Heraklion in Crete will also be given names from Greek mythology with the names APOLLO-EAST and APOLLO-WEST.

Utilizing the fiber optic cables of total length 940 km, interconnecting the island of Crete with the broadband networks in mainland Greece and other European destinations beyond, Grid Telecom Greece accomplishes to add capacity of hundreds of Tbps for data transfer, through four geographically alternative routes.

Grid Telecom Greece believes the 940km of cables will be seen as important routes offering high capacity and reliability and will help consolidate its position as a major carrier-neutral wholesale provider in Greece.

George Psyrris, Director of Grid Telecom Greece said: “Our initiative to formally identify the subsea fiber optic cable systems landing in Crete with names inspired by the Greek mythology, increases visibility and recognition for these critical systems, significantly expanding prospects for their commercial exploitation, attracting new business partnerships with telecommunications organizations, inside and outside Greece. Grid Telecom, through an extensive optical network of high availability that exceeds 4,000 km, is constantly developing and expanding new alternative national and international systems, strengthening its position in the wholesale telecommunications market”.

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