A new report suggests that telcos may need to do more to utilise the human element on their journey towards digital transformation

New research published by Australian telco, Telstra, suggests that an "all-encompassing focus" on the role of technology could be hampering the digital transformation of telcos.

Telstra’s Disruptive Decision-Making report surveyed 3,010 senior decision makers from 12 vertical industries found that companies senior leadership teams could be overlooking the importance of the human factor in enabling digital transformation.

“I believe that digital transformation is technology-enabled, but people-led. Yet our research shows employees are not being given the attention they warrant,” said Telstra’s managing director for EMEA Tom Homer.

“Successful digital transformation relies on more than the right technology. It requires the right culture, the right people and the right processes to support them. Digital transformation should be a company journey that involves upskilling and changing employee mindsets, adapting structures and ways of working, and creating teams that can maximise the new technologies being introduced,” he added.

In responding to the survey, 77 per cent of UK based respondents said that their organization made technological decisions either ‘well’ or ‘extremely well’. Despite this self-confidence, the report showed that a lack of people focus, could be hampering telcos’ digital transformation.

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