Press Release

Capita plc (Capita) has secured a three-year contract worth £433,000 with SportsBroker, a gaming app that enables customers to buy and sell virtual shares of the world’s largest football teams. This contract will deliver services to SportsBroker’s businesses in the UK and Malta.

Capita’s Pay360 will supply SportsBroker with Optimize Evaluate, a cloud-based fraud prevention software solution, which allows rules to be created to automatically identify and reject certain transactions, for example, payment attempts on credit cards, or where the customer and card names do not match.

SportsBroker also needed a flexible solution where ‘manual review’ rules can be set, for example, when transactions are over £2,000 or if a telephone number is associated with three or more payment cards. These transactions will be flagged to the risk team to investigate and action accordingly.

As part of its commitment to corporate social responsibility that includes responsible gambling, Sportsbroker identified Optimize as a solution to support in meeting this commitment by being able to identify potentially problematic player behaviour. If a player is identified as being at risk, the SportsBroker’s team can recommend actions such as wagering limits. The risk team will also monitor the player’s behaviour to determine if further support is necessary.

With Optimize, SportsBroker’s fraud and risk teams will be able to make more accurate automated decisions and authorise only genuine transactions. Risk teams will also have access to advanced investigation tools that will help them uncover hidden patterns of fraudulent behaviour.

Additionally, the system will enable SportsBroker to speed up genuine transactions that will help enhance customer experience, build customer loyalty and support business growth.

Stephen Ferry, managing director, Pay360, said: “Optimize was built on our extensive experience in fraud and risk management and it will help to safeguard gaming companies as well as their customers from the increased risk of fraud. We have over 18 years’ experience in the payment industry and this has helped us to deliver a solution that meets SportsBroker’s fraud-protection needs.”

Adri Bene, head of compliance, SportsBroker, said: “We needed a partner to work with us to deliver a bespoke anti-fraud solution that could be seamlessly integrated into our system. We have high standards for protecting consumers from excessive play, so Pay360’s team worked closely with us to deliver a solution that ticked all the boxes for our business objectives.”