Delivering network equipment to hard to reach locations continues to be an expensive and time consuming obstruction on the path to rollout of networks. However Italian company FlyingBasket has demonstrated how cargo drones could revolutionise the process via their latest project with cablex, the network construction, maintenance and operation subsidiary of Swisscom.

In the most recent project radio equipment weighing around 80kgs was transported across a canyon in Davos Wiesen, Jenisberg using a remotely piloted multicopter equipped with an automatic cargo hook. The use of the drone enabled the equipment to be delivered next to a mast tower where cablex technicians were to execute an antenna installation.

Switzerland was a particularly apt location to showcase the use of drones as the costs of building and maintain network infrastructure can be high due in remote areas with low population density, whilst the use of a cargo drone can reduce costs and overcame difficulties of reaching the required location via traditional transportation systems.

Moritz Moroder, CEO, FlyingBasket – “We appreciate the view and the willingness of cablex to challenge the status quo of existing methods and test an innovative solution that will be utilized in the future as part of their daily activities. And thanks to the prompt and efficient efforts of FOCA, the demonstration could be carried out smoothly in full compliance with the Swiss regulations.”

Deploying network infrastructure and “Smart Infrastructure” is a major focus of the Total Telecom "Connected" series of events which now includes Connected Britain (London, September), Connected Italy (Virtual, November), Connected Germany (Mainz, December) and Connected Ireland (returns 2022). Contact us for more details