Price is clearly the driver behind international brewery company’s decision to use 3 for voice and data

Carlsberg has contracted mobile operator 3 to help it control its cross-border communications costs.

3 Denmark announced on Wednesday that it had been selected by the Danish brewery giant to support it as it goes through an extensive digital transformation.

The pair talked up the benefits of the deal, including flexibility and easier communications on a global basis, but did not provide specifics on costs or service details. Reading between the lines, price appears to be the biggest driver of the deal though.

"3 enables us to get in touch with our foreign departments and collaborators without incurring extra costs," said Michel Carstens, director of global workplace services at Carlsberg, in a local language statement.

"For us, there is freedom in that we are not dependent on WiFi and other call services when there is a need to get in touch with the other departments," he said. "We just call up without thinking about the price."

3 noted that its goal is to enable business divisions work more closely together by removing the barriers that are often associated with international calling, but it too pointed out that "there is a considerable saving to retrieve."

Companies like Carlsberg need transparency and easy administration in order to keep a handle on their consumption, 3 said, and as such it has created products that enable all employees to share a pool of data and voice minutes, rather than allocating a plan to each member of staff.

"3 has developed some products that make it simple to be mobile and digital at the same time, and that fits modern businesses working across borders," said Sigurd Leth, head of 3’s business division.