Ahead of Connected Britain 2019, Total Telecom caught up with William Newton, President & EMEA MD of WiredScore to discuss what the rollout of high capacity digital infrastructure will mean for UK businesses and to find out how WiredScore is building the workspaces of the future. See below for the full interview.

What do you see as the key opportunities for the UK resulting from the rollout of high-capacity digital infrastructure?

Technological innovation will be the bedrock of Britain’s attempt to overcome the productivity gap, and create for ourselves a truly modern economy. Without high capacity digital infrastructure we have no chance of achieving this. Every business of the future will rely on cloud computing, seamless telecommunications with all four corners of the world and the ability to take advantage of new technologies we don’t even know about yet, all of which are enabled by digital infrastructure.

What role is WiredScore playing in delivering more digitally connected infrastructure in the UK?
WiredScore provides guidance to help the providers of offices and homes understand the role they have to play in creating the digitally enabled future we all expect. And by providing an independent rating scheme, we help reward those landlords who are doing the right thing, and helping tenants find the offices they need to allow their businesses to thrive.
How are 5G and the IoT enabling the workspaces of the future? 
5G and connected devices enable real time feedback and responsiveness in the workplace improving a space’s ability to adapt to each tenant’s individual needs.
What developments do you expect to see in this space over the next 12 months?
I expect to see office landlords capitalising off the tech capabilities of their buildings to win tenants. Landlords are developing digital strategies to maximise their in building technology and will soon roll these out through tenant facing activities.
About WiredScore
In 2013, WiredScore was founded in New York by leaders in real estate, technology and telecommunications, with endorsement from Mayor Bloomberg. The idea was to improve the city’s technology infrastructure, and support entrepreneurs who were driving technological advances and creating jobs. Following success in the US, WiredScore launched in the UK in 2015 after winning the Greater London Authority’s tender to be the official Mayor of London Digital Connectivity Rating Scheme. International demand for the connectivity rating system has since seen the company expand into France, Ireland, Germany, and Canada.
About Connected Britain
William will be joining a panel discussion at Connected Britain 2019 on "Smart building connectivity". Held from the 18th-19th of June 2019, Connected Britain will bring together the key stake holders from the UK’s mobile and fixed line connectivity sectors. Click here for a full agenda and to find out how you can attend the event.