Press Release

Check Point has announced it has provided Orange Cyberdefense, the Orange Group’s entity that specializes in cybersecurity, with its Check Point Sandblast Mobile technology to deliver Orange Mobile Threat Protection.

The two companies have worked together to enable Orange to deliver the service to address head-on the increasing number of mobile cyberattacks within enterprises world-wide. With mobile devices being used extensively in the course of conducting business, cyber threats that target sensitive business data are a critical risk factor for enterprises. Through Orange Mobile Threat Protection, Check Point and Orange ultimately empower enterprises with 360-degree protection of their iOS and Android devices.

“Businesses are just as reliant on their mobile devices as everyday consumers. Hackers know this and are ready to attack mobile devices from every direction,” said Michael Shaulov, Head of Product Management and Product Marketing, Mobile and Cloud Security at Check Point. “Through this collaboration with Orange Cyberdefense, mobile device users will be protected against the full range of malware, network attacks and other forms of mobile cyberattacks.”

The frequency of mobile attacks is growing. A recent report by Dimensional Research found that 20% of enterprises have already experienced a mobile cyberattack, with an even larger number totally unaware they have been breached.

Orange Mobile Threat Protection brings together Check Point Sandblast Mobile technology, the industry’s best and most complete mobile threat solution, and Orange Device Management Premium. It includes a cloud-based administrative console, providing full visibility of a mobile fleet’s security and threat intelligence, as well as 24/7 support from Orange’s top-tier mobile experts.