China says that the US risks doing serious damage to its own economy if it continues on its current trajectory

China has urged the US to stop undermining confidence in what it called "win-win international trade", as the US looks set to launch a new probe into a Chinese company. 

US President Trump’s administration is intent on inciting a trade war with China, and the two country’s telecoms sectors are shaping up to be a key battle ground. 
Last week, the US placed a banning order on Chinese kit manufacturer ZTE on the grounds of "international security", meaning that ZTE can no longer sell its products in the US. More than that, ZTE is also banned from doing business with any US registered company, a measure that will have a profound impact on the firm’s manufacturing process.   
A report in the Wall Street Journal suggests that the US is now preparing to investigate whether global telecoms giant, Huawei, breached international sanctions in its recent dealings with Iran. 
Speaking to the press at a recent event, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson, Hua Chunying, urged the US to stop sabotaging mutually beneficial relationships in the telecoms space. 
"We hope the U.S. will refrain from taking actions that could further undermine investor confidence in the U.S. business environment and harm its domestic economy and normal, open, transparent and win-win international trade," she said.